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Worlds of Fun
4545 Worlds of Fun Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, 64161
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Theme Park Review's 2010 Mid-America Trip

Theme Park Review has arrived at the Holy Land...the home of the almighty PROWLER!!!

Ooh! HOT!

Bubbles makes Dan SEXY!

I'm not sure what that's supposed to be...I know what it looks like though. ;)

Hell yeah! TPR at Worlds of Fun!

A Boomerang on the Holy Land should be awesome!

"The awesomeness of Prowler makes this Boomerang amazing!"

It's kind of like World of Color l but better...because it's not World of Color.

Joey wishes "I want to be big."

We are about to ride a coaster that will change our sexual preference forever!

Riding Prowler is like touching God.

This is my "sex face!"

If you would like to ride Prowler with Dan... EMAIL HIM NOW!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com

Prowler undid Elissa pants!!!

Travis just had six Prowler orgasms!!!

"It's the healing train! We all had cancer and after Prowler, we're CURED!"

Prowler has taken the entire trains virginity!

Michael aka Jesus Christ was the most amazing ride op since our last savior "Boulder Dash Tom."

Dave was going to hell for molesting 40 small boys in a Turkish prison, but thanks to Prowler, he's going to spend eternity in Kevin Federline's anal cavity. This may or may not be an improvement...only Prowler can make that judgement.

Prowler was so amazing we are ending the trip tonight, because no coaster can ever match it's awesomeness! It would be pointless to continue the tour. Thank you Worlds of Fun!!! Show your support for the TPR Middle America Trip Report! Click REPLY and POST A COMMENT!!!

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