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DeFazio Studios
12345678 Shotz Brewery Drive, Laverne, Wisconsin

Trip Reports
TPR's Wisconsin Trip 2010!

Today, TPR visits DeFazio Studios and later brave the Wisconsin cold for one AMAZING Pool Party!

Hooray! DeFazio Studios!

"Laverne and Shirley was my favorite TV show."

The "606 to 666" ride is based on the real Wisconsin Tower that was the tallest building in the state!

Yes! Rock N Roller Coaster starring The Violent Femmes!

And the ACTUAL Violent Femmes played live for us!

Yes!!! The Pizza Bowl restaurant from Laverne and Shirley features photos of actors from the show!

Here is Florence Henderson who played Laverne in the show.

Pat Morita played the role of Shirley.

Greg Louganis played both Lenny and Squiggy.

Bob Denver played the creepy old man who owned the gay porn store at the corner of Lincoln and Olympic.

Holly from Milwaukee was our server and she "served" both twins at the same time! Naughty!

Hooray! Shotz beers!

"In Milwaukee, everyone orders two appetizers...because they're fat."


"I bring my kids here to DeFazio Studios!"

This unknown random person whom we have never met before is wearing the official Shotz beer hat.

It's FREEZING here in Wisconsin! Glad we found these warm hats!

WISCONSIN FACT! The Muppet character Beaker is from Milwaukee!

The Violent Femmes rocking rolling coaster is themed to a giant limousine that takes you to a concert!

"We got Walk this Way!!! Our favorite Violent Femmes song!!!"

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