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Mickey Dolenz Adventure World
27A Albert Avenue, Scott Pilgrim, WI

Trip Reports
TPR's Wisconsin Trip 2010!

Today, TPR visits Mickey Dolenz Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Tonight, we are at Mickey Dolenz Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Mickey is from the Wisconsin Dells and as you can see he has changed a lot from his days with The Monkees.

"Hey look! It's Mr & Mrs Green Bay Packman and their line backers!" - About 100 Wisconsinites who love our costumes!

Personally, I think Mrs. Green Bay Packman has a pretty hot A$$!

I'd love to eat those dots!

At Mikey Dolenz Not-so-Scary Halloween Party, all the big rides are decorated and look pretty.

And the lines are always short.

"We are excited to hear the new Monkeys soundtrack!"

Adam dressed up as his #1 coaster saving hero, PRINCE DESMOND!

OMG! And it's PRINCE DESMOND'S long lost brother DJ Lance!

The new soundtrack was pretty lame but this is still the best coaster in the Dells!

Next we hit up Soarin' Over Wisconsin at Mickey Dolenz Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!


Pirates of Milwaukee is always a staple favorite.

Davy Jones' fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo! This is where he keeps his Monkees costumes!

"Mickey Dolenz is our favourite Wisconsinite!"

Mickey Dolenz' park is awesome! Lots of things for kids to do when they are too little to ride. Why can't Six Flags be like this? Oh that's right, they don't like kids.

KidTums is dressed as Piers!

The Mickey Dolenz park in Wisconsin still has their Peoplemover while their sister park in Anaheim, Nevada removed theirs many years ago.

Tonight, Dolenz is performing under his pseudonym, Mickey Thomas.

The fireworks show was pretty amazing.

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