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Century Park
Pudong, Shanghai, China

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TPR's China 2009 Trip

Today was our last day in China...

The first Chinese Carl's Jr has just recently opened in Shanghai. For those of you who may not know, Carl's Jr is a California based fast food chain which also bought Hardees about 10 years ago. They have started to go international and this September marked their entance into China. Personally I prefer Carls to the other famous California based burger joint In-N-Out.

This is what a Chinese Carl's Jr looks like!

The menu looks pretty much the same! Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger please!

Oh I almost forgot Criss Cut Fries please!

And just like in California they bring your food to the table and they even have a drink refill station (something that is not common in China)

"Hi my name is Joey and I am number 75!"

My Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger tastes just how it's supposed to. Freaking awesome!!!

They tell the Chinese that swine flu comes from America!!!

Our last day in China brought us to some smaller parks in Shanghai. Let's start with Century Park!

No sewing??? No string on your finger??? WTF!!

Here we are wandering through the park...I really hope there is a roller coaster around Herr somewhere!

Ooh! We found tonight's luxury accomodations!

We found the coaster! And...oh joy....it's another golden horse spinning coaster!

Dirty Dirty whores!!!

Jeff, no matter how much Chinese Mountain Dew you drink, It's not going to make you any younger!

It's a good thing none of us psychopaths want to ride the bumper cars!

Next stop. Shanghai's Pearl Tower via the subway!

Smack the card against the blue disc and you're good to go!

We have now officialy taken planes, trains, and automobiles on this trip!

I am totally loving China's subway stations!

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