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3-25-1, Mukouyama, Nerima Tokyo Japan 176-8531
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TPR's Japan Trip 2011

Today we hit a couple of smaller Tokyo parks. The first one being Toshimaen, which is a fairly old Tokyo park with a coaster built in 1965. The second was Seibuen Yuenchi, and while this park was a little farther out of Tokyo, with Tokyo Dome City & LaQua being basically closed, we figured it would be a good place to do a little bit of "credit whoring!" Onto the photos & videos...

Today was kind of a "credit whore" day on the Tokyo trip. First stop, Toshimaen!

"Everyone loves a log!"

The support structure of this ride is very old school.

Cyclone aka "The Log Coaster" is a pretty old Japanese Jet Coaster (1965), which is actually quite good!POV of The Log Coaster!

And of course there is the Mini Cyclone aka Little Log for the credit whores! If you'd like to do some virtual credit whoring, watch this video!

"Everyone loves a Little Log!"

Anyone know what coaster used to be here? EMAIL DAN and tell us! mrt0ad13@aol.com

Yum....more crepes!

I love the powdered toast looking guy!

OMG! What could Hanno be this scared of???

ARRRGGHHH! It's the first Mexican we've seen in Japan!!!

No, no...don't be silly... It's just the "Jackie Chan is here to rape you" dark ride. And if you want to know what we mean by that...watch this video!!!

Right next to the park (it's even on the park map) is our favourite attraction, Toys R Us!

Hi Divv.

"Elissa is the no fun girl!" - Does anyone know where the "Elissa no fun girl" thing started? If you do... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com

Japanese kids are so smart, they can even unicycle!

KidTums trying out for the 2011 Japanese hula hoop Olympic team!

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