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Maelstrom's Last Day 2014

I had a bit of fun Tweeting about Maelstrom's final day today. I actually did go down to the park around 6pm, rode one last time with my FastPass, and then we watched the rest of the insanity. To be honest, it wasn't as insane as I thought it might be. The line DID get up to 130 minutes for about a half an hour, but honestly, looking at the line, I really doubt that it was more than about 90 and the *MOST* but this was the data that was posted, so they went with it. I've *NEVER* been a person who felt that being the "last person on a ride" is anything to brag about. I find actually being there and watching everyone else fight over who gets to be the last rider or the people dumb enough to wait 90 minutes today for a ride I waited 11 minutes for last night is FAR more entertaining than riding it for the last time. But that's just me.

My thoughts on the ride: I never thought that Maelstrom was a *good* ride, however I never though it was *bad* either. I always felt it was just kind of "there" and the only reason people liked it is because there are so few other rides in World Showcase, and "ooooh...it has a drop and goes backwards!!! Oooooh!" It's not a big drop, and the backwards part I always thought was kinda dumb. But whatever. It's being replaced by a Frozen ride, which a lot of people seem to take issue with. Not sure why. Here's a couple of things I posted tonight in response to people freaking out. As much as I try to approach the subject with logic and reasoning, other people just get all emotional and abrasive over a "ride." I don't quite get it. I was completely *shocked* at how much backlash there was from such a cult following the ride had. I really just thought the ride was "meh" at best....

My response to someone freaking out about how Frozen is "just a fad" and won't be relevant by the time the ride opens:
I don't know how old you are, but people said the EXACT SAME THING about Toy Story in 1995. I worked for the company back then. Everyone thought it was a "fad" and would go away, and people were getting annoyed that a Pixar aka "non-Disney" movie was invading the parks.

Boy, how times have changed. Now Disney Feature Animation (Not Pixar, let me remind you), but Disney Animation, the very extension of the team that Walt himself created, has their biggest success in the history of the company, and people are suggesting they DON'T include that in the parks?!?!?

That's just INSANE to me!!! You do realize that if Walt was around today, he would be pushing for that movie to be in as many parks as possible and probably would have moved things along FASTER than the company is doing now.

The idea that people think putting Frozen into the park is a bad idea just boggles my mind.

My response to the people freaking out about how Frozen doesn't belong at Epcot or World Showcase:
People seem to be forgetting that World Showcase and Epcot have been changing and evolving for YEARS now. Disney DID try the concept of a more cultural and educational park, and it didn't work. It didn't resonate with people. Then they started putting the Disney characters back in the park and people, most importantly kids, LOVE it! My wife was a kid in the 80s growing up in Florida and HATED having to go to Epcot with her school. It was boring and they couldn't stand the park. My 7 year old daughter now LOVES it and think it's the best Disney park thanks to the changes they have made over the years to make the park more appealing to all ages.

The park you are talking about doesn't appeal to the masses, isn't what guests want, and wasn't making any money for the park.

People that are bitching about Frozen being added to the park forget that you can also find Donald Duck, Mulan, Aladdin, Snow White, Alice, Mary Poppins, Aristocats, and many other Disney characters all over Epcot now. Get used to it, because it's not going to change. And personally, we think it's GREAT!

Here's the photos and tweets we made from the entire day. We really did have some fun with this!

Guests are already lining up at Epcot to take one last ride on Maelstrom!

Today will be the longest lines that Maelstrom will ever see! lol

These Maelstrom boats are waiting to take its last riders today!

At opening, Maelstrom is a 50 minute wait for the LAST DAY of the ride!

Here's what the crowd looked like right when they opened the doors for Maelstrom one last time!

Never seen people wave from the upper windows of Maelstrom before! A look at the crowd who showed up for Maelstrom's very last day at Epcot Walt Disney World:

Standby line for Maelstrom just dropped to 30 minutes! Get in line now!

Current crowd in Norway to ride Maelstrom!

OMG! OMG! Maelstrom control panel porn!!! Ooooohhh!

Maelstrom wait time up to 65 minutes!

Great pano shot from the Maelstrom opening crowd this morning!

The current Maelstrom line in Norway right now.

Maelstrom line is up to 70 minutes.

FP+ is stretching outside!

Remember when Maelstrom was originally supposed to be called "SeaVenture?" (There's some Epcot history for you!)

I just right now got a Maelstrom FP+ for 5:05pm - So they are still available! Keep checking!

Better get to Epcot today to ride #Maelstrom before they make it DISAPPEAR! DISAPPEAR!

Not gonna lie - I'm probably gonna miss "oil rig beard guy" the most from Maelstrom!

BACK! BACK! OVER THE FALLS!!! For like...FOREVER!Anna & Elsa have something to say about Maelstrom closing! Click:

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