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Epcot at Walt Disney World
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Test Track Re-Launch Party

We attended the Test Track re-launch party a few days ago as part of the 'New Fantasyland' media day. All I can say is WOW!!! Not only does Disney really know how to throw a party, the ride was FANTASTIC! Here's a mini-update and then I'll post the full thing later... About the ride... - I can see that someone would still 'like' the old version (I do!), but after riding the new version, I can't believe anyone wouldn't think they did a GREAT job on it! Has to be the best 're-imagined' attraction I've seen Disney do to date. - The 'Design-a-car' aspect of it exceeded all my expectations. I thought it would be kind of cheesy, but it was so well done, really integrated in the ride, and so intuitive that even Kristen did the whole thing without our help. Well done! - The ride feels really 'NEW' again. The queue is just stunning when you walk in the door for the first time. I couldn't even believe there had been a ride there for 10+ years. - For all those people who kept saying they needed to do something with the outside portion, I disagree. The outside portion of Test Track was and is still one of the BEST moments of any Disney attraction. It's certainly WAY better than the outside portion of Radiator Springs Racers (and don't get me wrong, I really like that ride!), so I'm not sure why the outside portion would have needed any enclosure or anything, except... - My only *slight* negative was that there used to be audio during the outside portion (Push it! Push it! Push it!) and it seems weird that the outside portion is now totally quiet. But that's only a minor nitpick. The lighting they installed on the outside portion at night is REALLY amazing!

Complete Ride POV:

Tonight we are at Epcot for the Test Track re-launch media party!

Walking up to Test Track, and WOW! You can really see this looks amazing!

Not sure if the laser sign on top is just for the party, but it looks GREAT!

Test Track is a party atmosphere tonight!

And Disney sure knows how to throw a party!

The whole party looks so "high tech", just like the new version of the ride!

And just like a Disney party, there is food and alcohol everywhere!

All the food was fantastic!

There were three different kinds of sliders, all amazing!

One Republic will be taking the stage later tonight at the Test Track Re-Launch party!

Even KidTums got a glowey drink! (Don't worry... It's just Sprite... We think! lol)

I'm a huge fan of Test Track and movies like Tron so I'm kinda geeking out right now!

Meg Crofton, President of Disney Resorts Operations said a few things about the new version of the attraction.

Alan Batey, VP of Sales at GM talked about the long standing relationship they have had with Epcot.

And finally, the real star of the show, Mickey Mouse came out to re-open the ride!

Test Track is officially RE-LAUNCHED!!!!

A crazy amount of confetti was used!

Here's a short video from the entire opening ceremony:

The lighting added to the outside part of the ride looked fantastic!

The new Test Track queue is totally changed and its AWESOME!!!

The queue features all these Chevy "Cars of the future."

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