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AvĒ Lusiada, Centro Colombo, piso 2, Loja 206-A 1500-392
217 113 714
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Theme Park Review's 2009 Visit

Here we are at the 'Colombo' shopping center. And no, not with Peter Falk...that would be 'Columbo'...this is totally different!

This place is seriously awesome.

Why is it that these European malls justseem to crap all over most of the US malls?

The Funcenter is where the coaster is, but it doesn't open until 11am so we'll go explore the mall for a bit.

The maze of escalators. Cool.

A giant ball with tortoise. Also cool.

The mall was really cool It was multi-level with giant stores like the Portugese Wal-Mart and a Toys R Us.

OMG...I forgot how much I love Europe!

Um, yeah, the bread and stuff is nice, but can we please go back to the sex now?

All the Imaginariums in the US are closed. :( (I went in through the little door!)

Disney Store had tons of plush that I haven't seen in the US for quite some time!

And I remember when the US Disney Store used to do cool collectibles like these.

Oooh! I spy something! (Do you see it?)

Yes! McDonalds!

They had this bizarre "Too Bacon" and "Too Cheese" burgers. I tried the "Too Bacon" one (of course!)

Um, it was very strange. It had bacon on it with bacon bits in the bun! Hopefully I will still be alive in 24 hours!

Yay! Funcenter is open!

Happiness is an operating roller coaster!

I 100% endorse the Coca-Cola theming the ride has!

"I have my fun card and I'm ready to ride the Coca Cola Coaster."

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