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Legoland Deutschland
Gunzburg, Bavaria 89312 Germany
49 (0) 180 5 700 757
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TPR's 2010 Oktoberfest Trip

Our next stop was Legoland Germany! (Or Legoland Deutschland!) Elissa and I have always been really big fans of the Legoland parks, and while this version in Germany was not our favorite of the chain, I felt it offered quite a few great rides, and some that were a little more unique to this park.

KidTums ditches us for the Lego family!

Mini Land was RIGHT at the front of the park, and probably a bit smaller looking than at other Legoland parks.

Many familiar looking rides here.

Time for the first credit of the day!

Yup, this looked very familiar.

Germany's version of Project X was almost identical to the version in San Diego.

And for those two little to ride...

The adults had fun!

Germany's version of Aquazone was even less "Dan-Friendly!"

In addition to the water bombs there were also water jets than you could control!

And the water bombs on this ride had an interesting twist...yes, you could control them from off the ride to get the riders wet, but the water explosion was also big enough to soak the person pressing the button! So you either had to share the pain of also getting wet, or RUN!!!

"Hey world! Check me out! I'm driving my Lego car!"

The Lego character on the left is too fat to ride Forbidden Journey!

The Germany version of the Robocoaster let you pick what level of insanity you wanted, and then you got to choose the elements of the program for your ride.

We of course chose "69!"

Like the one in Denmark, this version is the awesome indoor, 10-Kuka arm ride!


"I'm a bear and I'm on top of this ride...how did I get here?"

Enter the castle...NOW!!!!

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