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Happy Valley Chengdu
Chengdu, Sichuan China
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TPR's China 2009 Trip

Today TPR returned to the Happy Valley parks! But this time it was the new park in Chengdu, China! This park opened up in December and is home to yet another Intamin Mega-Lite coaster and an assortment of other rides. This Mega-Lite was freaking AWESOME! TPR's first exposure to the Mega-Lite was Kawasemi, and holy crap that ride was amazing! Piraten earlier in the year did't run *quite* as good (I chalk it up to having not run for 5 days before we go there), but this one at Happy Valley, OMG it totally redeemed itself!!! The rest of the park was fantastic. I've felt that all of the Happy Valley parks look GREAT! While the theming may not be *quite* up to par with Busch parks, it's really close!If the Happy Valley parks were in the USA, they would be some of the best parks in the country, no question! Anyway, onto some photos...

Miles says "this is the best breakfast yet!"

KidTums also approves of breakfast!

We are so there!!!

Entrance to Happy Valley Chengdu.

Mental note - take a different elevator!

Bugs...why did it have to be bugs!

Hello Kitty and booze! What a great combo!

That's right! Intamin mega lite bitches!

ERT on the mega lite!!!

The ride is going to take your soul!!!

It did this Elissa! (Her hair is STILL that way!)

Nothing can prepare you for this. Well, ok, maybe some video can...how about some Mega-Lite POV? Here ya go...

Could the lift be any steeper???

It's not tall, but OMFG is it freaking AMAZING!!!

Intamin RULES!!!

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!

This seriously could be the best layout ever designed for a steel coaster.

Yay! Some Vekoma ERT!

TPR gives the SLC a little bit of love.

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