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Kobe Portopialand
8-7-1 Minatoshima-Nakamachi, Chuo, Kobe, 650-0046 Japan

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Theme Park Review returns to Asia - December 2005

Because we're all fatties, each day starts out with "Mister Donut." The odd thing is last year when we ate here the donuts had "no taste" and now they do. WTF happened?!??!

"Hey Mark! That's us! Let's go!"

"Hello, I am Mister Bullet Train, I am friends with Mister Donut, who is also friends with Mister Squid!"

"Kobe Port-O-Potty Land" Because we're too stupid to figure out how to say the name, and, quite honestly, our name is funnier! =)

Random Pirate ship, even more random water show, and OMG, big shock...and HUGE Ferris Wheel!

OMG! It's another "Bobsled NOT themed to a Bobsled!"

This one was pretty good. Personally I like the Mack Bobsleds much better than the Intamin ones! (Don't let Elissa hear that, though!)

Ahh...sexy Schwarzkopf goodness. Who ever thought a German dude could look so hot?

Elissa gets a gold star of the day for this nice coaster photo.

"Panic House" hmm....we should have gone in here, but we didn't. =(

Schwarzkopf and Mack in one photo. Is there anything better? Other than really good Japanese Curry?

Ok, stop right here. I want to point out that there is BEER IN THE VENDING MACHINES. Yes, BEER and ANYONE can get it! But Japan is on the "honor system" so if you're underage you don't tough it. Can you just imagine this in the US???

Is someone going to tell Great America that they stole their Carousel?

Uh, oh....looks like they've been hitting those vending machines!!! =)

BMR-X or "Bavarian Mountain Railroad." A really good Schwarzkopf coaster. It's no Lisebergbanan, but it's really good!

This here would be....um...the first drop.

And this would be the "psycho drop" which is similar to Mindbenders drop/fake loop/thingy.

Time to race the Japanese drivers!


Happy Pink Pachinko Machines!

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