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Djurs Sommerland
Randersvej 17, Nimtofte, Jylland DK-8581 Denmark
0045-86 39 84 00
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TPR's 2009 Scandi Tour


While it is totally upstaged by the Mega-Lite, the Gerstlauer Bobsled (Thor's Hammer) is pretty cool too.

"We took the tunnel!!!"

Anyone else think that Terry was a cartoon character in a previous life?

"What were we riding again? OH! Thor's Hammer!"

It looks like a Wild Mouse but it rides like awesome!

"Hello world! Here's my thumb!"

The Money Shot!

"Is everyone ready to ride?"

The is not as big as a Millennium Force or Expedition GeForce but it rides just as good!

Piraten is constant airtime over almost every hill.

Crazy airtime or Mental Illness - you decide!

Sick...just sick!

It's like someone had explosive diarrhea with coaster track, it splattered everywhere and created one of the most awesome layouts ever farted out!

I will say that it didn't ride *quite* as good as Kawasemi in Japan...BUT when we got there it was cold and the ride hadn't operated al week.

But when you see pictures like this you can see it has that "Top 5 coaster in the world" potential!

The ride gets a lot of bonus point for just being balls-out, throw your hands up in the the entire ride...FUN!


"Me likey Intaminy Mega-Litey!"

KidTums' Mega-Lite was in the form of a Wacky Worm today!

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