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Hanayashiki Amusement Park
2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito Tokyo 111-0032
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TPR's 2008 Japan Trip

Here we are arriving at Hanayashiki...looks innocent from the front, right? This park was amazing! It was like the Bon Bon Land or Klotten of Japan!

Pretty gardens, looks good so far!

First up was the "Roller Coaster", and this one is the oldest in Japan built in 1953.

TPR Gang is ready to roll!

The park manager tells us these trains are brand spankin' new! And they look it!

Although they aren't kind to long legs! =)

It's ok Dave, I'm sure you've been in rougher positions! :D

Here is what the oldest coaster in Japan looks like!

In very much the "Blackpool fashion" you can see how the rides and shops are built on different levels to help save space.

Japanese Fun Fun Ride!

The park is plopped right down in the middle of the city! (I just really wanted to use the word 'plop')

Here we have a look at the rest of the park. Yes it's small, but it's some quirky awesome fun!

First drop! Can you guys take it?

The faces of joy!

Yay for the oldest Japanese coaster tunnels!

It almost looks like you're going right under someone's house!

On one side of the street, some random buildings, on the other side, Japan's oldest coaster!

"We love the ride....but we can't feel our legs!"

Still nowhere near as old as Jeff Johnson!

Religious experience on the Space Shot or bowel movement...you decide!

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