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Hanayashiki Amusement Park
2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito Tokyo 111-0032
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TPR's Japan Trip 2011

Today's epic TPR day of epic epicness starts with Tobu Zoo!

Here is the park map. Like the name implies, Tobu Zoo is both a zoo and an amusement park.

Tobu Zoo's mascot welcomes TPR to this epic day...and why is it so epic?

It's because of Kawasemi!!!

The girls of TPR love Kawasemi!

Kawasemi is even nice to our "ACE" sized members!

Kawasemi is an Intamin Mega-Lite roller coaster and it is easily the best roller coaster in Japan! (And TPR even ranks it in the top five steel coasters in the world!)

The airtime on this ride is amazing! If you can imagine what i305 has in speed and height, Kawasemi makes up for it in air!

To bring amazing quality video to all of our TPR members (and to the Intamin booth at IAAPA), we were invited to go into non-guest areas to film Kawasemi!

The first drop is amazing...the first two elements are like a mini-i305!

There is airtime over every hill! It ranges from extreme to ejector! Completely amazing!

Remember Maverick's airtime hill? Try having about 7 of those, lap bars only, and even stronger!

Even this floater hill lifts you out of your seat WAAAY more than most coasters in the USA!

Here's a look at the layout of Kawasemi.

It's just awesome!

Yay! Cup O' Noodles game!

The army of robotic animals are waiting for the right moment to attack!

It's time for some Intamin wood! And time for some Intamin wood POV!

It's no Balder or El Toro, but it's actually pretty good!

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