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Beech Bend
798 Beech Bend Park Rd, Bowling Green, KY
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late 1970's Park Brochure


Left half of Page One.

Right half of Page One.

The Jet Star was the second major coaster to grace the park, later being renamed the Starchaser.

The Starchaser eventually was involved with an accident in 1995, being sold to Darien Lake as Nightmare At Phantom Cave.

Beech Bend has had 3 train rides over the years, originally I believe the park owned a NAD Century Flyer, before purchasing a Chance C.P. Huntington, which was sold when the park closed down in 1984. A third train, originating from Coney Island, Ohio (and coincidentally another C.P. Huntington), it was originally one of two trains from the Coney Island and Lake Como railroad. The train currently lays in storage along with the track, but the cars have been left outside back behind a storage shed that lies behind White Water Express.

King-O-Slides, a much larger predecessor to the current Superslide 2000 that the park owns today.

Rare view of the lake in the 70's, showing off a Hampton kiddie ride, the Moon Rockets, a tilt-a-whirl, and a ride I cannot identify out to the right. Can anyone positively identify it?

Left half of Page Two.

Right half of Page Two.

Beech Bend at one point in time owned a sky ride, introduced in 1967.

While the lake has been dramatically reduced in size, one thing that hasn't changed is its fowl visitors. Note the trees and Mr. Ed's Riding Stables in the background; the same building's site today is home to White Water Express.

A larger view of the park map.

late 1970's Park Brochure - Page 1

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