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Kurashiki Tivoli Park
Kurashiki, Okayama Japan
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Theme Park Review returns to Asia - December 2005

This park was almost more of a "Culture Credit" as it was more about a "Classic European Park" set in Japan.

The park itself was AMAZING looking!

You really could draw a lot of similarities to the Tivoli Park in Copenhagen.

See Dave, we did get to see Tivoli's lights!

Everywhere you look, there are lights and European architecture.

Oh, yeah, there was a credit here too!

Another one of these "Jet Coaster" type things. This one with two lift hills and even some airtime!

"Yes, I am freezing....but this is a hell of a lot better than having to be in California!!!"

More lights, more trees, more atmosphere, this place was pretty kick ass!

Ok, the 2nd credit was a real "WTF WAS THAT" coaster. It's themed to a real "train".....

The park calls it a "family coaster"

It only has a top speed of 14 KPH

But it's DEFINIATLY a coaster!

"Here we are in our totally enclosed, train themed kiddie coaster car!"

And now for a "Coaster first"....two of the cars have baby seats....YES! You are seeing that correctly! BABY SEATS!!!!!!

The ride that actually brought our attention to the park was the "Animal Farm" ride where you can ride on a giant squirrel (guess which one of us wanted to ride that?)

We saw sheep cars.....

Hippos, Koala's, etc....but no Squirrels tonight. Elissa was bummed. =( Oh, well, we got two credits at least!!!

How about a little more Tivoli lights, Dave?

This place was honestly really amazing looking!

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