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Central Park
1436-1 Kamitani Toyofu-cho, Himeji, Hyogo Japan
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Theme Park Review returns to Asia - December 2005

We arrive at Central Park and see a bit of snow still on the ground! (Read....IT'S FREAKING COLD HERE!!!)

Like many other Japan parks, they have a "Jet Coaster" which translates to "pretty large sized coaster, but really doesn't do much of anything, yet Japanese riders are still freaked out!"

"It's like at least 150 feet tall and all I have is a little seat belt...no lap bar, no staple gun, nothing!"

Next up....the "Human Conveyer Belt Ride!"

Labryinth Coaster. Bummed that Jennifer O' Connel wasn't here, but pretty glad David Bowie wasn't either!

We have no idea what this ride wants to be....a mouse, a mine train, a pretzel stand?!??!

Oh, yeah...and they have a Batman clone here too!

Same track colors as Batman too! At least the trains looked different!

"Pick any seat Robb & Elissa...we have opened the park just for you!"

It's just kind of out in a field....sort of like if William's Grove got a Batman, this is what it would look like!

We had to take turns riding so we could get off ride photos! (See Elissa all by her lonesome?)

This one's for you Joey! And it was a REALLY rough one too! I hope you appreciate this.

"Someone PLEASE come ride me....I'm so lonely....*sob*"

Out in the parking lot was some random track peices, and there were a LOT of them! Are they getting a new coaster or getting rid of an old one???

Looks to be some kind of Togo Death Machine (no shock there!) and you can even see the trains.

our next "Shinkansen" was this bad-ass looking train!

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