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Visit to Club 33 - September 2013

With all this talk about the new Club 33 opening, I realized I had never posted the photos from our visit in September of 2013.

Club 33 holds kind of a special place for me, as during my time working at Disneyland, I ended up working a handful of shifts there. It used to be a place that some of us would go hang out at after the park was closed, and I had eaten there several times, many years ago, but it had at least been 15 years since my last visit.

When we heard they were making some drastic changes to it, we decided to go take one last visit...

New Orleans Square is no stranger to me, as I spent many years of my Disney park career working at the locations in this area.

The mark that for many years only "club members" knew what it was for, and to everyone else, had a sense of mystery and lore behind it.

Was fun to take Elissa and Kristen to Club 33 for their first time tonight!

We watched many people knock on the door, and then listen... little did they know, they have cameras to monitor the people who actually are there to eat, and those who are just playing! =)

Here we go...

The elevator that you see right as you enter the door.

A look around the lobby area, inspired by New Orleans.

The reception desk is immediately to the right as you walk through the door.

Kristen seemed a bit happy to be here! She wasn't quite sure what it was, but she knew it was "special."


Also noted!!!

Yeah! None of those fancy shmancy teletext devices!!!

A look up their stairs for those of you too nervous to take the elevator.

At the top, menus and other places to sit down and wait for your table.

Here is the bar in the waiting area.

A look around the waiting area.

Just hanging out...you can overlook New Orleans Square from here.

As I was saying...

Just some of the merchandise you can buy. I'm assuming most of this will either go away or get new logos for the new version of the club.

What? It's only a $30 baseball hat!

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