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Sea Paradise
Hakkeijima Kanazawa, Yokohama, 236-0006 Japan
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TPR's Japan Trip 2011

Our next day is one of our more popular days on every Japan trip we have ever done. Cosmoworld & Sea Paradise in Yokohama. We have visited both of these parks fairly regularly since 2004, and we've seen improvements in both of them over time. Cosmoworld has just about doubled in size, taking over the amusement section on the other side of the bridge, and Sea Paradise has re-opened closed attractions, and keeps getting more and more sea animal exhibits (new since our last visit was the Whale Sharks!)Onto some photos....

Next park on the TPR Japan Tour - Yokohama Cosmoworld!

When we arrived at Cosmoworld's back entrance gate, we knew we were in the right spot when we found this!

"A park that gets TPR's sense of humor is already awesome!"

Cosmoworld is located in two different sections of Yokohama, separated by a river and is easily accessible by a short walk over the bridge. Did we mention that the tallest building in Japan also exists here?

We will start our morning with some ERT on Diving Coaster Vanish!

Is TPR excited? You should be! We're going to make you all... DISAPPEAR!!!!Check out our POV video of Diving Coaster Vanish!


Ahh, this one should not only satisfy the lift hill enthusiasts, but the first drop ones as well!

We spend most of our life trying to get back in....

Happy TPR members? Perhaps! One more ride?


Next up was ERT on the Crazy Mouse. This one spins... a LOT!

The goal here was to make Derek sick...or at least sick enough to where he'd need a beer or two to recover. He was on one side...

...while TPDave and myself on the other. We made it as unbalanced as we could...

Were the results were successful? Watch the video to find out!

A huge thank you goes out to Mr. Kitagawa of Senyo, Japan, who is a big fan of TPR!

Hooray! They even let us credit whore with ERT on the kiddie coaster!

"Got tall legs? No problem!"

Hey, at least we actually had one kid for the kiddie coaster!And yes, there is even Family Banana Coaster POV!

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