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TPR's 2008 Behemoth Bash Tour

We all arrived at Marineland and there was much rejoicing.

We started our day off with some ERT on Dragon Mountain.

There it is...the Arrow train sitting in the creepy cave just waiting to eat it's next group of victims.

And that group of victims would be us!

Dragon Mountain literally is in the mountain! It goes through the trees, through Joey's troll house, and then finally down the first drop.

They let us tour the backstage area where they were prepping a train for next season.

We kind of thought these were like sex toys for Jahan.

"I'm CRAAAAAZY Arrow Dragon Train....give me some beavers!"

Loop-De-Loop....Canadian Style!!!!

They finally built the mountain section...it came about 20 years after the ride, but who's counting?

Still have the waterfall section left to go....

Arrowfanman looks VERY satisfied!

It's crazy the way the whole ride is buried within the woods.

In order to get photos we were wading through shrubs and bushes that were about 4 feet tall complete with snakes and other random Candian insects.

This Canadian insect may look harmless but he's packing a .40 caliber with a license to KILL!

After Dragon Mountain we headed over to the Topple Tower. These rides have always been more fun as a spectator than to ride for some reason.

Halfway between bored and fun. It's a bit more exciting for kids, really.

It was time for us to go check out the bears.

"Hey KidTums, do you want to feed them a waffle cone?"

"Screw the Waffle Cone, throw us that kid instead!"

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