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Manta Backstage Construction Tour Feb. 2009

For todays Manta construction tour we would be considered "Authorized personel!"

Here we are looking up at the first drop. This is an important part of the ride therefore it comes first.

Today we bring you some never before seen angles of Manta.

Here's a good shot of the "pretzel loop" which is guaranteed to make you hungry for some German yum-yums.

Zero-Gees...through the trees!

The mid course brake has a giant "A" for "Alvey."

This is the "Wing Dip" part of the ride where the train will close to the water and a simulated splash will be created towards the crowd.

This little guys simulates the "reach envelope" the riders and the train has before smacking into something. As you can see there is plenty of room!

Another look at this because...well, just because!

There has been a ton of work on the theming and the station this past week.

This lone island of palm trees kind of looks like something out of Seuss Landing for the moment!

Behold the mighty "Pretzel Loop!"

No, these are not alien aritfacts they will eventually grow into rocks that will be part of the rides theming!

Once again more reach envelope testing to make sure your pretty arms and legs will be nice and safe!

Aha! Somethin every ride needs...that's right...a LADDER!!!

No, silly! It needs an entrance sign!

Robb: "Why do I have a flag growing out of my helmet?"
Bryan: "Do I look like an arm rest?"
Reed: "I don't know these two people."

The front section of the ride still has a long ways to go but it's looking GREAT! I'm assuming most of what you're looking at will be filled in with water.

More work being done on the ride's entrance area.

Manta is really going to change the front of the park and it should be spectacular to see when you walk in!

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