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Six Flags Darien Lake
9993 Alleghany Rd, Darien Center, NY
(585) 599-4641
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Theme Park Review's 2008 Behemoth Bash Tour

Announcing a brand new TPR trip wristband color….HOT PINK! (The panthers should be happy!)

While yes we know that Moto Coaster is the parks big new attraction, Supe….um….Ride of Steel is still the star of the show!

Superman? I don’t see Superman anywhere around here…

Mmmm….Intamin sexiness!

How does an hour of airtime filled Intamin ERT sound to you guys?

The Intamin airtime gods have spoken!

Ejector airtime all the way into the final brake run.

In previous years, Darien Lake’s “Ride of Steel” was the least favorite out of the three, but this year, man it was really hauling A$$!

There was some serious airtime all over this sucker!

Oh, yeah, there was also some ERT on Predator!

“Hold on to your boobs because this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness!”

Moto Coaster was the sexy new ride for 2008.

Fun ride…definitely more for families, however it has a fairly high height restriction which may make it difficult for families to ride together.

The best part of the ride though is that TPR’s own Bruno is on the cover of the park map! He’s doing his popular “thumbs up ” pose.


Ahh, Viper is next…and that’s going to make one person VERY happy…

Jahan, you have a choice – Arrow coaster or the girls. You decide!

He chose Viper….yup!

We found out that Bethany is actually a transformer and on this trip she has taken the form of a cute teddy bear. Weird, huh?

“Old and Stupid”

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