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Statale Adriatica SS 16, Km.162, 48020, Ravenna, Italy
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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour

Our next park on the Italy tour was Mirabilandia... Home to two of the best steel coasters in the world, Katun & iSpeed!

We love Katun!

This is an "old school" B&M... Intense and awesome!

Katun ERT is awesome!

Next up... One of the best Intamin launched coasters... iSpeed!

With Katun and iSpeed in the same park, this gives Mirabilandia one of the best one-two steel coasters in the world!

TPR loves ERT on iSpeed!

Two awesome ERT sessions on two great coasters!

iSpeed is a bit like the "Maverick of Europe", with crazy airtime and some VERY intense transitions.

And of course it wouldn't be a TPR day without a little bit of credit whoring.

Mirabilandia has a "Japan park" sizes Ferris Wheel!

Did we mention that Mirabilandia has probably the BEST installation of the Q-Bot system anywhere in the world?

KidTums gets a "Jeff Johnson" credit!

There's something really "special" going in here!

The chance of mental anguish on this ride is good!

The haunted walk through used to be a dark ride, but our haunt fans gave this new attraction thumbs up!

It used to be called the Twin Towers, then they re-named it to Space Shuttle Columbia after 9/11. This ride is doomed!

Master Thai is a strange möbius loop family racing coaster that opened in 2011.

It's kind of like a wild mouse on steroids...

Both trains go up the lift at the same time, and since it's a möbius loop, you come into the opposite station that you left.

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