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Theme Park Review's 2001 Visit

Upon entering Jazzland, we learned that our arsenal of weapons would have to be left in the car! Does this mean I have to leave throw away cameras in the car too?  =)

Jazzland's mascot took a typical liking to Elissa!

But the real reason we were at the park was for their awesome CCI woodie, Mega Zeph!

From here you can see almost the whole layout of MegaZeph!  It's awesome so GO RIDE IT, _ _ _ _ _ _ _!!!!

Although the S&S towers were kind of weak.....

...Elissa still managed to nearly cough up a lung on them!

Although Mega Zeph was good, the real highlight turned out to be the Dance Dance Revolution machine!

Derek makes his #250 coaster the Roller Skater by his favorite ride manufacturer......

...yep, you guessed it!  Vekoma!  This is a sign you get quite used to at Jazzland.

Elissa tries to turn Dave into a 'chick magnet!'

Yeah, the first drop of MegaZeph!  Oh, what's that?  You want to ride on it too?  Ok!!!

To get the streaming video to work, put your hands up and scream "wheeee!!!"

Next up was the Mardi Gras Madness dark ride!  Derek was hoping to get some action in here....

But as you can see, he couldn't score!

"It might not be food, but at least it's Coke, and it's got calories!!!"

Things start going a little crazier on the Dance Dance Revolution machine!

Jazzland's swamp buggies ride was a lot of fun.

Elissa thinks she could be a princess....

But this is more like it!

Yeah!  CCI airtime!!!

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