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Tokyo DisneySea
1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511 Japan
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TPR's 2013 Japan Tour

We've done a lot of Tokyo Disney reports now, simply because Tokyo Disney is the best place on earth! In 2013 we visited the parks again and spent 5 days at the resort. I've decided that I'm going to do this report just uploading photos as I took them, so if some things seem a bit out of order or whatever, sorry, that's just how our day went! Enjoy! =)

Like most of our Japan trips, they always seem to start with riding a lot of trains...

..and oddly enough, always seem to start with a lot of Yakitori! But that's not what this update is about...

I think this right here is my favorite sign in the entire world! =)

Just so you know the Tokyo Disney Monorail has it's own "park map."

I have one of these in my car! (Yes, they sell them!)

This is the Tokyo Disneyland hotel, we stayed here a few years ago and it's amazing!

Unlike in America, where people are dirty savages, the Japanese line up politely and perfectly and patiently wait for the parks to open.

Every year is the Happiness Year at Tokyo Disney! (Happy I'm here over ANY other park in the world!) (Sorry, Uncle Bernie's, you're #2)

Just so you can get a lay of the land... or sea...

I have a Tokyo Disney Ticket and you don't, SO THERE!!! (Well, ok, maybe you do. I mean, I have no idea who's reading this. But let's just SAY you don't have one, ok? Great. Thanks!)

Instead of rides where you get eaten by Animals, here's a ride where you get eaten by another human! Yes, the Japanese totally support Cannibalism! (Don't knock it until you've tried it!)

Yeah, I know, it's in English. Stop asking me these questions!

And this is the line just for the FastPass! (Yes, it goes quick...it's Japan!)

Their FastPass machines are beautifully themed. I'm sure one day these will become obsolete when they roll out whatever amazing Japanese "kick your Florida ass" version of FastPass+ they roll out!

I guess you could say the park was busy?

Not kidding, they were ALL heading for Toy Story Mania!!!

Just stop...take a breath. It's simply gorgeous!

The Tower library. Amazing.

That's MISTER Bell Captain to you and me.

No two ways about it - Shiriki is BAD ASS!!!

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