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Hansa Park
Am Fahrenkrog 1, 23730 Sierksdorf, Germany
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Theme Park Review's 2009 Scandi Trip!

In order to get to Hansa Park you need to walk over the bridge "Astroworld style" from the parking lot to the park.

Welcome to Hansa Park...do something stupid.

The park made us a sign! They get bonus points. We love these guys!

The park president came out and gave us a presentation about how they are going to make the park kick even more ass.

Here is the new coaster. "Fluch von Novgorod." If you think you can pronounce this correctly, record yourself saying it and send an MP3 file of your pronunciation to Dan! mrt0ad13@aol.com The winner gets a bag-o-crap!

Candles = theming!

Red head Swedes & bus drivers are your friends...so be nice to them.

The indoor part of the ride features these creepy animatronic scarecrows. The whole opening part of the ride before the launch reminded me a lot of Mystery Mine.

This airtime hill delivered airtime faster than Jeff Johnson can spank four naked babies.

Vladmir says "Rock my world Lou and I'll give your pants a funny tickle."

It's a pretzel turn...kind of like on Magnum...but with a LOT less suck!

WTF is a Wolkow?!?!? Is that a cow on a wall?

Gerstlauer zero-G roles are really, really sexy and make even sterile men horny.

This is the part of the ride that will receive more theming at the end of the year. Honestly, it was already awesome!

That shiny stuff you are seeing is the acid theming eating away at the riders flesh.

We took over the Schwarzkopf looper. Yeah, ok, that caption sucked...sue me!

Can someone please remove that flag out of my head? Thank you!

If you can spot the "coaster porn" in this picture, email dan and tell him where it is - mrt0ad13@aol.com. He will send you $10* *This is totally a lie.

Ladies, please, do me a favor and take Hanno out and show him a good time. (and when I say show him a good time I mean have dirty nasty fun with him that will make his pelvis sore for a week.)

KidTums rode the Roller Skater and she freaking *LOVED* it.

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