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Fuji-Q Highland
5-6-1 ShinNishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Japan
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Theme Park Review's 2004 Japan Trip

Here is the bus that will take you from Shinjuku station to Fuji-Q Highland.

"Yes, Robb...we know we're going to Mt. Fuji...thank you very much..."

We heard a lot of really nice things about Fuji-Q and all the rides here...too bad none of them were true.  =(

Fujiyama looks REALLY impressive and we were looking forward to it.  Too bad it really sucked.  =(

This photo is so disturbing, that any caption for it would only spoil the already f**ked up image!

After buying your "Free pass" (unlimited use ticket) you have to use the self-service printing machines! Make sure you follow ALL the instructions... "Put your free-pass into a card plug mouth"..."Unite the position of your head"...and this is the best part... "Wait in the state as it is until a sound becomes!" 

You put in your ticket and smile for the camera.

Out comes your "Free Pass" that you have to wear around the park!

Robb looks silly, Elissa looks almost normal, Dan looks bored!  =)

"I'm not paying extra for the Free Pass holders!"

This version of Dodonpa was better than the real thing!

Why doesn't Knoebel's have "Squid on a stick?!?!"  =)

We were told that "Fuji-Q is the Magic Mountain of Japan."  They were right!

We were warned about the long lines for Dodonpa.

 And once again...they were right.  Although Dodonpa had some very bizarre rider rules...   You May Not Ride Dodonpa If.....

| You have recently swallowed a bowling ball....

| You fall asleep at school....

You are about to hit yourself in the head with a hammer....

You are part of a robot army....

You are old.

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