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Fuji-Q Highland
5-6-1 ShinNishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Japan
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Theme Park Review's 2008 Japan Trip

Here is the new entrance to Fuji-Q. We think that Fuji-Q *actually* on fire would be much better than this.

Make a mental note - Do not fight the bears while at Fuji-Q!

Yay! We all look so happy! Boy, our attitude will change REAL QUICK!

Oh, look, they can't get Eejanaika open with the park. Here, let me put on my *shocked* face!

Finally they get the ride open and let us in. Now let's take a look at how Eejanaika does their loading because it's quite interesting. There are three of these "pens" where everyone has a foot mark to stand on and lockers to put your stuff...

You put all your crap in the locker and no one else will be in this pen until you get back, so it's nice and safe.

The trains you can see are the older style X trains with the "pickle forks"

Note the additional padding that has been added to the restraints! (It needs it!)

And also additional seatbelts.

Since they have three of these pens, one is always getting ready to load, one pen worth of people is out on the circuit, and the third pen is empty ready to be loaded. It actually works awesome, and this is the *only* ride in the park where they actually have their act together for loading/unloading.

Of course they can't seem to operate the ride in a gentle mist, which is what happened right after we rode. The coaster looked like this the rest of the day. I will say that my ride this year was much better than last year, but it's still nowhere near as good as X2 is.

Hmm...with all the rides closed due to the gentle mist, what's the only thing you can do to keep yourself sane in this horrible park?


Don't be fooled by that sign! This is attraction is actually OPEN! (They just didn't bother to move the sign because, well, why bother, it will just close down in ten minutes anyway...)

Ooh! We are actually getting a hint of blue sky! Does that mean rides will open? Well, maybe one or two for a VERY short time...I mean, it's is Fuji-Q, they can't possibly have rides open for people to enjoy!

There is some curious nerdy stuff going on here....

NERD!!!!! (Really Julie, we love you...but you're a NERD!!!!) =)

This is pretty much how these two coasters looked the rest of the day. As you can see, it's cloudy...but it's not raining.

OMG! OMG! OMFG!!! A coaster!!! And it's....it's....OMG! OPEN!!!!

YES! And *only* a 2 and a half hour line!!! (Well, actually it was 3, but we were being hopeful!)

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