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Fuji-Q Highland
5-6-1 ShinNishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Japan
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TPR's Japan Trip 2011

Well, today we headed out to something that we're not quite fond of...

...that's right...Fuji-Q! I will be the first to say that Fuji-Q has not been kind to us in the past...but did we have a good day today? Keep reading...

First off, the weather was on our side. Fuji-Q has a bad habit of closing pretty much everything in the rain. Today...blue skies!

Today was also "It's all about Bryan Day 2011!"

The goal of "It's all about Bryan Day" is to take the best photo of or with Bryan you possible can! He's also not allowed to say "no" to a photo you want to take of him. Yes, it's considered abuse...but to TPR, we like to think of it as "entertainment!"

The winner ended up being this photo...which has a back story to it... Bryan is doing his "Erik the room inspector" impression. It's quite accurate.

Today, the role of Bryan's penis is being played by Duffy the Bear!

"Do I really have to take more photos with Terry???"

"C'mon, do I actually have to lick the sign???"

"Ok, so at least I got a credit out of this one!"

Yes, that is blue skies over Fuji-Q! We have NEVER seen this before!!!

The only bummer of today is that Eejainaika was closed for maintenance. BUT....I'll take one credit down in order have a GOOD day at this park without 3 hours waits anytime!

Yup...the king of coasters. Well, at least at Fuji-Q.

Fujiyama was actually running quite well today...

...overall, it's a decent ride. It's got a good first drop, and a few moments of airtime...but then it gets to the ending part that tries to kill you.

This part is decent.


Dodonpa was also running pretty well...

...Check out them I-Beams and tires! This system is now kind of "old school."

The new launched Gerstlaur Euro-Fighter was teasing us...

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