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Idora Park
Canfield Road, Youngstown, OH 44511
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1999 Defunct Park Photos

Today was a unique experience. I decided to attempt to find the site of Idora Park on the way to Geauga Lake. I had been told that it was quite difficult to find, however, it turned out to be very easy. It was a very creepy, spooky feeling walking around what is little is left of the park. You can practically drive up to the parking lot, which you can get a great view of the Jack Rabbit. There isn't a single No Trespassing sign posted anywhere at this point.

From the parking lot, you can easily get into the Jack Rabbit's structure. There is no fence blocking your way to the center of the structure.

What's really sad about the Jack Rabbit is that is looks to be in MUCH better shape than I expected. This section here is just after the 90 degree turnaround. From what I can tell, the coaster does yet another 90 degree turnaround to create a U-shaped design.

This is Jack Rabbit's second drop.

Here is Jack Rabbit's lift hill and first drop.

The ticket booth at the front of the park remains almost intact!

This ticket booth just inside the park wasn't so lucky.

Almost all of the buildings seem to have fallen victim of arson. Only the Carousel building and what looks like the main gift shop still remain in fair condition.

The station for the Wildcat sets the stage for what you're about to see next!

From seeing what is left of the Wildcat's structure, I'd be very suprise if this ever rose up again. I was a bit worried having to climb through waste high weeds and shrubs to get to the coaster.

Having never been to Idora when the park was open, it's hard for me to report what section of the coaster this was.

It was one thing to see the Thunderbolt rotting away but this really hit home. We stopped by a local antique shop after visiting and this woman was telling us stories about the Wildcat almost knocking her glasses off her face. This is just living proof that every park is vulnerable.

Here's the entrance to Idora's famous Ballroom.

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