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Farup Sommerland
Pirupvejen 147, 9493, Saltum Denmark
+45 9888 1600
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Theme Park Review's 2009 Scandi Trip!

Group photo. We're wet, but it doesn't matter!

Lynet is still fairly new and is a HIT! TPR loved it!!!

Yay for Gerstlauer flips!

Quick drop out of the station, and then LAUNCH!

Proof that not just Intamin can do a kick ass top hat!

Mr. Signature move & Mr. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Which is sexier Hanno or the squirrels? If you know EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com

Holy Jesus Mother of Airtime, Batman!

To help warm us up, the park gave us coffee and warm bread! Thank you Farup!

Falken was also running great!

Wait...WTF is that?

That my friends is the "SWORD OF POWER!!" The goal during our rides on Falken was to pass the sword of power from the front to the back of the train and EVERY person on the train MUST touch the sword of power!


Who has the SWORD OF POWER???

There it is!

The sword of power....EXCALIBUR!!! (Try not to drop it, Dave.)

These are the most industrial strength panchos, EVAR!

Kristen rode the cars about 20 times. She's now eligible to get her drivers license.

Takeover on the carousel!

TPR Takeover of the dry spot under the awning waiting for the rain to pass!

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