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Holiday Park
Holiday-Park-Straße 6, 67454 Hassloch/Palatinate, Germany
+49 6324/5993-0
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TPR's 2008 European Tour

The sign says go that way...so we go that way!

And greeting the group was Piers jumping out of a cake! Yay!!!

OK, so let's just get right to the point...Holiday Park is a nice place, but when you have the #1 steel coaster in the world...it's hard to do much else!

And Expedition GeForce was running AMAZING this day!

Most everyone in the group would agree that this was the hands down (or should I say hands up?) BEST coaster of the trip!

Last year the ride was still awesome, but it wasn't quite running to it's full potential. This year, it totally redeemed itself!

Trims? What trims? You could hardly notice them this year. The ride was running so much better that when you got to them, it didn't seem to matter.

OMG! I love the ride and all, but MAN...I gotta go!!!

We'll get back to GeForce in a moment, now it's time to focus on another awesome ride....Lighthouse Tower (or the Star Flyer)

See, it LOOKS like your normal chairswing...everyone is nice and calm....

Then how quickly people are reduced to eyes closed, quivering lumps of jelly...well, Chris at least!

"Hey everyone! I'm riding with Norman! He's a celebrity!!!"

"OMG! It's....it's.....MY HAND!!!!"

Can't forget about the Vekoma corkscrew!

Erik is keeping the ride from sinking.

"Why don't you take a picture it will last longer....hey wait....where's my camera?"

And of course the TPR-famous dark ride....

"Hey baby, you know what I want to do with you?"


Ain't it a laugh, Ain't it a treat? Hob-nobbin' here, Among the elite?

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