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Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World
1675 N Buena Vista Dr Lake Buena Vista, FloridaL 32830
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TPR's October 2013 Trip

Almost every year since we have been doing TPR we have done a trip to Orlando in October to take advantage of the fall festivities at the area parks.

Now that we are 'locals' to Orlando, I admit we are a bit more casual about our visits to the parks here, but we still maintain an annual visit with many of our friends. The following pages are the 2013 trip including 'Cruising with TPR!'

To kick things off, TPDave came in a few days early to hang out, and this is what happened...

TP Dave landed in Orlando after a long international flight from the UK, and what's the first thing we had to do? Put some alcohol in the guy! =)

Rocco's Tacos has been our local "go to" Mexican Place since it opened in 2012 and it is AWESOME! Amazing tacos and margaritas! How could things go wrong?

Next we made a stop at our local grocery story to stock up on a few totally necessary items. Apparently they don't have "Triscuits" in the UK, and apparently TP Dave is totally addicted to these. They are like crack to him. Who knew?

We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Let this be a lesson to anyone who listens. GET TO THE PARKS EARLY!!! We were there before opening, and 5 minute waits for "Good Tower" and Rock N Roller Coaster is what we encountered. Yesssss!

It was empty at the park for the first few hours.

Anyone guess what street this is supposed to be? I'll give you a hint, it's NOT TP Dave's home town!


Yes, we did this. At TP Dave's request. I had no idea he was a closet "Mermaid Fan", but this happened. Wait until he hears there is a new ride at Magic Kingdom!

Hi, you're a fork.

You know, do these guys look like they might need a little bit of mental help? (Kind of like me!)

Chinese Theater... Yup.

Anyone know what scene in the Great Movie Ride this was supposed to be?

In case you didn't know what this movie was, they tell you on the ride. Thank you. Very informative.

Remember when this was the most impressive animatronic the world had ever seen?

There was a race at Disney this past weekend, and we were at the park a good 3 or so days after the race. Look, here's the thing, I'm all for people wearing their medals on race day, or whatever, but this is days later. Put them away.

I think what bugs me about the runners is that they seem to carry this pompous "Because I'm wearing this medal that everyone got, I'm special and you have to treat me differently." I've seen these people seriously get annoyed when cast members don't acknowledge they ran a race.

And here's the thing - something like 15,000 people ran this race so how hard can it be? They give the medals to EVERYONE, even those who do not complete the race. You know what other group gives out medals to everyone? The Special Olympics. And I feel those people actually deserve it! /end rant.


Quick! Someone alert the "Hidden Mickey Guy" and tell them to add Mamma Melroses!

"I'm TP Dave and I give urinary catheters two BIG THUMBS UP!"

As you can see, it got much busier later in the day. 120 minutes for Toy Story Mania? No thank you! But we have Fast Pass because we are cool like that.

A pussy and a beaver. My favorite score of any game on the planet ever ever. If you ever get this score, please tweet us a photo @themeparkreview and we'll RT you! Our quick run to MGM I mean, Disney's Hollywood Studios was over, so we popped into SeaWorld....

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