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Kennywood Park
4800 Kennywood Blvd West Mifflin, PA 15122
(412) 461-7133
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Jack Rabbit
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Sky Rocket is a thrilling coaster from Premier that became the park's sixth major coaster in 2010. Steel Phantom and Thunderbolt use the natural terrain of the park with great success. Jack Rabbit is one of the oldest wooden coasters and still provides great moments of air, especially with its famous "double down." Racer is one of only three mobius coasters in the world.

However, beyond the coasters are some of the best classic flat rides, headlined by Kangaroo, The Turtle, Noah's Ark (walkthrough funhouse), and Garfield's Nightmare (Tunnel of Love). But Kennywood has been consistently bringing in modern flat rides, as well.
Pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches can be found at multiple locations in the park. Shwinery serves fresh BBQ. Many are loyal to the Potato Patch and Small Frys stands. Fries are available with eight toppings. Lines can get long but it's worth the wait. There are a few franchisees in the park with Johnny Rockets and Wafels and Dinges. You can still find fresh lemonade and cotton candy made to order, too.
Operating Season
Daily operations run from mid-May through late August. Weekend operations generally start a few weeks earlier and extend the season until the end of October.
Established Seasonal events
Phantom Fright Nights occur throughout the month of November on Friday and Saturday nights.
Access & Location
Kennywood is about 12 miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh and can be accessed on city bus 61C. <

Directions and more information of the bus can be found on the Kennywood website:
Nearby Lodging
There are no hotels in the immediate vicinity of Kennywood, but you can find nearby partner hotels on their website:
Virtual Queue Options
Kennywood offers various "VIP Coaster Tour" pass option that allow for one Front of the Line ride for each ride included on the pass. Details are available on Kennywood's website.
The park has a couple of musical shows. There is a laser show near the lagoon around closing time.
Phantom's Revenge Roller Coaster POV
Sky Rocket Roller Coaster POV
Jack Rabbit Roller Coaster POV
Thunderbolt Roller Coaster POV
Racer Wooden Roller Coaster POV

Shane's Amusement Attic - 1979 Park Brochure
Shane's Amusement Attic - 1980 Brochure
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Arrow Brandmark
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Aerial View (1989)
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Jack Rabbit
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Laser Loop
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Racer (early 1980's)
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Phantom's Revenge
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Pitt Fall
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Thunderbolt

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