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375 N. Lagoon Drive Farmington, Utah 84025
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Colossus the Fire Dragon
Jet Star 2
Puff the Little Fire Dragon
Roller Coaster
Wild Mouse

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Air Race
Boomerang Bumper Cars
Centennial Screamer
Dracula's Castle
Flying Aces
Jumping Dragon
Log Flume
Musik Express
Rattlesnake Rapids
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Sky Scraper
Space Scrambler
Tidal Wave
Top Eliminator Dragsters
Turn of the Century
Wild Kingdom Train

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July 25th, 2015 - Elissa conquers her last major park in the US

The park has Arby's (two locations) and Subway to cover the sandwich fanatic. But of course you can find traditional park food, hot dogs, corn dogs, burgers and chicken tenders. When you want to go beyond the boring fare you can try Teriyaki Stix for Asian bowls or The Old Mill Grill for BBQ that is covered in a tasty and rich BBQ sauce.

Traditional snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream can be found at the park, but you can also find Hawaiian Ice, Queues de Castor (Beaver Tails) or Dirty Coke, a regional favorite made by flavoring Coke with Coconut.
Operating Season
The park generates operates from April to October, with full week operations between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Weekend operations occur prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day.
Established Seasonal Events
Frightmares occurs over the weekends from late September to Halloween
Access & Location
Lagoon is conveniently located just east of I-15 in Farmington, Utah halfway between Ogden and Salt Lake City

Northbound Directions:Lagoon is located 17 miles north of Salt Lake City. Take the “200 West” exit #322.

Southbound Directions:Lagoon is located 17 miles south of Ogden. Take the “Park Lane” exit #325.

The park is relatively easy to access from Salt Lake City via public transit during from Memorial Day to Labor Day (but services is not available on Sundays), Take the Forntrunner train from Salt Lake City to Farmington. The Route 667 Bus connects riders at Farmington FrontRunner station to Lagoon. The shuttles run every 30 minutes from 8:05 a.m. until 11:15 p.m. on weekdays and 12:20 a.m. on Saturdays. Service is not available on July 4th.
Nearby Lodging
Lagoon RV and Campground is next to the park and allows RV hook-ups and tent camping. Park discounts are available to campground guests
Virtual Queue Options
Not Available
The park hosts two shows in the Carousel Theater. The daytime show is a music review. The nighttime show is a bigger extravaganza with Cirque influences
Park Maps
2016 Park Map
2012 Park Map
2012 Park Map (Frightmares)

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