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Happy Valley Chengdu
Chengdu, Sichuan China
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Roller Coaster Photos
Dragon in Clouds
Dragon in Snowfield
Fly over Mediterranean
Wood Coaster (new for 2017 need photos)
B&M Coaster (new for 2017 need photos)

Other Ride Photos
Adventure Duck
Big Wheel
Bumper Cars
Caribbean Storm
Cowboy Adventure
Drifting Piscary
Energy Storm
Ferris Wheel
Flying Chairs
Flying Island
4D Cinema
Frog Hopper
Ghost Castle
Ghost House
Ham on Rye
Happy Carousel
Ice World
Jinsha Adventure
Mad Tea Party
North Pole Adventure
Splash Over
Twin Tower - Heroes
Water and Land Fighting

No Infomation.
Dragon in Clouds POV
Fly Over Mediterranean Mega-Lite POV
Dragon in Snowfield Vekoma Mine Train POV
North Pole Adventure Shooting Dark Ride POV
Mad Rats Spinning Wild Mouse POV

Park Maps
2009 Park Map
2012 Park Map