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Six Flags America
13710 Central Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD
(301) 249-1500
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Great Chase
Joker's Jinx
Mind Eraser
Ragin' Cajun
Superman: Ride Of Steel
Two Face
Wild One

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Blizzard River
Capital Railways
Coyote Creek Crazy Cars
Flying Carousel
French Quarter Flyers
Great Race
High Seas
Pirate's Flight
Renegade Rapids
Riddle Me This
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The park's top attractions are Superman: Ride of Steel (Intamin Hyper) and Wild One (relocated wooden coaster). The supporting cast of coasters includes a Vekoma Flyer (Batwing), The Joker's Jinx (Premier), and Roar (a tempermental woodie from GCI).

The park has many traditional flat rides, but nothing cutting edge. The waterpark is included with the admission price.
The park only has one franchise, Johnny Rockets, but still offers a wide variety of options. Other options in the park include hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, chinese, BBQ, pizza, cheesesteaks, and Mexican. Heritage House is the closest thing the park has to a food court.
Operating Season
The park is open from mid-April to October, with daily operation starting in late May and ending in August. For hours of operations on the date of your visit, please check the park's website at:
Established Seasonal Events
The park holds the annual Fright Fest event during weekends in October.
Access & Location
Take Metro's Blue Line to Largo Town Center. Transfer to the C22 Bus and exit in front of Six Flags America. Please note that Metro operating hours vary. Please visit http://www.wmata.com for more information.

While directions to the park are not difficult there are many ways to get there; so if you're a first timer consult the park's website for directions:
Nearby Lodging
There are no lodging options within walking distance of the park. The park's website list some nearby/partners options:

The park is situated between two major cities, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, so plenty of options exist within 45 minutes of the park.
Virtual Queue Options
The park does offer the Flashpass electronic queuing system, in both regular and "gold" versions. For pricing and other information, please visit the official park website:
Every year the park is consistent in offering a comedic stunt show along with a few musical shows.
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Mark's Postcard Paradise - Two Face: The Flip Side

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