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California's Great America
2401 Agnew Rd, Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-1776
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Roller Coaster Photos
The Demon
Flight Deck
Gold Striker
Greased Lightnin' (Tidal Wave)
Psycho Mouse
Taxi Jam
Turn of the Century
Woodstock Express

Other Ride Photos
Barney Oldfield Speedway
Celebration Swings
Columbia Carousel
Drop Tower
Eagles Flight
Flying Eagles
Loggers Run
Mass Effect New Earth (4D Journey)
Peanuts Pirates
Rip Roaring Rapids
Rue le Dodge
Star Tower
Tiki Twirl
White Water Falls

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Operating Season
Park operations generally run from April - August, with full week operations June through August.
Established Seasonal Events
Scarowinds occurs on Fridays and Saturdays from mid-September to Halloween. For the last couple of weekends in October the park is open on Sundays for the event. Winterfest occurs in November and December (mostly on weekends) with limited ride openings and a focus on holiday atmosphere, entertainment and treats.
Virtual Queue Options
Levels of Fast Lane are available
Great America by Theme Park Review

Shane's Amusement Attic - 1979 Park Brochure
Shane's Amusement Attic - 1980 Park Brochure
Shane's Amusement Attic - 1988 Park Brochure
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Shane's Amusement Attic - 1991 Park Brochure and Press Releases
2006 Park Brochure
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Demon
Mark's Postcard Paradise

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