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Kings Island
6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, Ohio
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Adventure Express
Back Lot Stunt Coaster
The Bat (2014)
The Beast
Flight of Fear
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Great Pumpkin Coaster
King Cobra
Mystic Timbers
Son Of Beast
Son of Beast (with loop)
Woodstock Express

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KI has a large collection of coasters, with the big stars being Diamondback, Banshee and The Beast (a huge wooden coaster with a unique layout that's famous for its night rides) and Mystic Timbers. There are some low-capacity coasters you should also hit early: Firehawk (a Vekoma Flying Dutchman with very slow operations), Invertigo, Flight of Fear and The Bat. Once you ride these coasters, you should be able to pick up the others without much hassle. Two unusual rides are Flight of Fear, an intense, launched indoor coaster, and Adventure Express, a fun, jungle-themed mine train. Racer is an OK racing woodie, while Vortex is an old Arrow multi-looper that some love and others hate.

The more exciting flats include Drop Tower Scream Zone (a very good gyro drop tower) Delirium (Giant Frisbee) and a Windseeker. Boo Blasters is possibly the best of Cedar Fair's shooting dark rides.

You can probably do KI in one day, unless you want to spend some time at its Boomerang Bay Water Park (you might want to allow an extra half day for that).
Dining has recently improved at King's Island. LaRosa's and Skyline Chili (Cincinnati institutions) has always been there and they keep the Cincinnati flavor alive with Tom + Chee (Shark Tank veterans) and The Reds Hall of Fame Grille. However a recently added Beer Garden and improvements in the Fetshaus provide for better options. Chains within the park include Panda Express, Subway and Chick-Fil-A. You can find the usual assortment of theme-park food, including funnel cake, ice cream, and hot dogs, at various locations in the park, but it can be a bit pricey. However as an ice cream lover you may have to choose between the famous Graetners or try the park popular blue soft serve.
Operating Season
KI is open from May through October, with daily opearation starting in late May. The park usually opens at 10:00 am, but be sure to check the park's Web site, as hours can vary over the season. The park is open Friday-Sunday after Labor Day in September.
Established Seasonal events
The park holds Halloween Haunt during October.

Winterfest occurs over weekends in November and December with limited ride openings.
Access & Location
KI is located at 6300 Kings Island Drive, in Mason, OH (suburban Cincinnati). The park is easily accessible from I-71. The park is served by the Cincinnati airport, and it's an easy drive from the Dayton airport.
Nearby Lodging
Great Wolf Lodge is adjacent to the park. The Kings Island website also lists many preferred hotels and local campgrounds. Since the park is near a heavily populated area, there are plenty of hotels near the park, or just down the interstate, with prices to match any budget.
Virtual Queue Options
Purchasing a Fast Lane wristband allows riders access to the Fast Lane entrance on 20 of the park's most popular rides. Available at two different levels
Musical shows exist around in the park. They run continuously in the Festhaus.

Peanuts show and sing-alongs occurs for the children in Planet Snoopy and at the Main Plaza

A rotating touring show is usually brought into the Kings Island Theater each year
The Beast Wooden Roller Coaster POV
Banshee Roller Coaster POV
Coaster Expedition Volume 4 DVD

1978 Park Brochure - Mark's Postcard Paradise
1979 Souvenir Book courtesy of pianojohn
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Shane's Amusement Attic - Introduction of the Bat
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Kings Island
Mark's Postcard Paradise - The Bat
Mark's Postcard Paradise - Demon
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Mark's Postcard Paradise - The Beast

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2014 Park Map
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