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Statale Adriatica SS 16, Km.162, 48020, Ravenna, Italy
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Family Adventure
Leprotto Express
Master Thai
Sierra Tonante

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24 ore di Miribilandia
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Buffalo Bill Rodeo
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Columbia and Discovery
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Le Pentole Stregate
Reset: Anno Zero
Rio Bravo
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Photo TR From 2005 Europe Trip

The 1-2 coaster punch of Katun (amazing B&M Invert) and iSpeed (Intamin Launched Coaster) is possibly the best in the world.

The other standout rides include Reset:Anno Zero, a shooting dark ride through post-apocalyptic New York, and Legends of Dead Town, Europe's longest haunted house occurring in a ghost town. Columbia and Discovery are a pair of S&S Space Shots. Music is a Music Express but with a canopy cover, similar to a caterpillar.

The park has all the typical water rides that you would expect in a hot climate: Water Coaster, Splash Boat, Flume, Rapids, Splash Battle (Divertical, Niagara, Auto Splash, Rio Bravo, Raratonga). This Splash Battle is more like a splash assault, as the vehicles are so close together.
There is a McDonalds located in the park, but there are plenty of other quick-service options with hot dogs, pizza, Mexican, panini sandwiches, or fish and chips. Drive-In is a large buffet restaurant with a varied menu.
Operating Season
The park is open from April to October, with weekends-only operations in early April and from mid-September until Halloween.
Established Seasonal events
Weekends in October incorporate OktoberFest and Halloween events.
Access & Location
The park is located in the town of Ravenna in eastern Italy. Driving directions to the park can be found on the park's website:
Nearby Lodging
Information to purchase combination park tickets and lodging is available on the park's website:
Virtual Queue Options
FlashPass is an extreme virtual queue system. While many systems bring you to a merge point with the queue, with FlashPass you end up right on the loading platform and the attendants place you on the next available ride.
There are many musical/dance and comedic shows at the park. Beyond that is Grosso Guaio a Stunt City, a Hot Wheels inspired stunt show involving a dysfunctional police academy. More acrobatic performances, can be seen in The Adventures of Peter Pan.
iSpeed Roller Coaster POV
Divertical POV
Katun Roller Coaster POV
Robb and Elissa in the Stunt Show

Park Maps
2010 Park Map
2005 Park Map

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