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Europa Park
Europapark-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany
+49 18 05 / 77 66 88
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Roller Coaster Photos
Arthur the Ride
Atlantica Supersplash
Ba-a-a Express
Blue Fire
Euro Mir
Matterhorn Blitz
Schweizer Bobbahn
Silver Star
Wodan Timbur Coaster
Can Can Coaster (new for 2018, need photos)

Other Ride Photos
Abenteuer Atlantis
Ciao Bambini
Dancing Dingie
Crazy Taxi
EP Express (Main Monorail)
Euro Tower
Feria Swings
Fjord Rafting
Fluch der Kassandra
Football Scooter
Koffie Kopjes
Kolumbus Jolle
Madame Freudenreich Curiosities (new for 2018, need photos)
Lada Autodrom
Marionnetten Bootsfahrt
Nostalgisches Pferde-Karussell
Old 99 with Circus Parade
Oldtimer Fahrt
Panorama Bahn
Piccolo Mondo
Piraten in Batavia
Silverstone Piste
Tiroler Wildwasserbahn
Universum der Energie
Volo da Vinci
Whale Adventures - Splash Tours
Wiener Wellnflieger
Zauberwelt der Diamanten

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Photo TR From 2005 Europe Trip

Practically every "country" within Europa offers at least one place to experience food that is native to that country. So it should be easy for you to find someplace you enjoy. However, you may find yourself stopping quite often to sample new fare.
Operating Season
The park's main season generally runs from early April to early January.
Established Seasonal events
Horror Nights runs throughout October Magic Moments runs from late November to early January with limited ride openings.
Access & Location
Directions by car, bus, or train can be found on the EuropaPark website:
Nearby Lodging
Europa Park offers five top-notch, immersive hotels on-site (Hotel Colosseo, Hotal El Andaluz, Castillo Alcazar, and Santa Isabel Hotel, Bell Rock). Hotel Colosseo has been voted one of the Top 10 hotels in all of Germany.
Virtual Queue Options
Not Available. Blue Fire does have a single-rider line, but it can sometimes be longer than the regular line. Please note that the park sometimes decides in the afternoon to extend the park's closing hours, so don't leave early without checking first.
Beyond the typical musical shows at the parks, try to catch the live Russian artisans as they work with wood, glass, and other materials.
Woda Timburcoaster POV
Piccolo Mondo Dark Ride POV
Blue Fire Roller Coaster POV
Euro Sat Roller Coaster POV
Silver Star Roller Coaster POV
Matterhorn Blitz Wild Mouse POV
Schweizer Bobbahn Bobsled Coaster POV
Euro Mir Roller Coaster POV
Alpenexpress Roller Coaster POV

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Park Maps
2010 Park Map
2009 Park Map
2008 Park Map
2005 Park Map

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