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Parque Warner Madrid
28330 San Marta­n de la Vega, Spain
918 087 600
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Batman la Fuga
Coaster Express
Correcaminos Bip Bip
Stunt Fall
Superman Atraccion de Acero
Tom y Jerry

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Rapidos Acme
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Superman Atraccion de Acero (B&M Floorless) and Batman la Fuga (B&M Invert) are two thrilling, well-maintained coasters owing their existence to the park's Six Flags heritage. Stunt Fall is the only Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang outside the US. When riding Coaster Express, make sure to ride in the middle row of the car (non-wheel seat) for a more enjoyable ride.

Some of the best rides in the park are the water rides, a necessity under the intense Spanish sun. Rapidos Acme stands out for its uniqueness and unpredictability.

Other notable rides are an S&S Space Shot, Huss Top Spin, Vekoma Mad House, and a Shooting Dark Ride.
The park serves many traditional amusement-park favorites: hot dogs, burgers, BBQ, Mexican, chicken, sandwiches, and pizza can be found at various quick-service counters scattered around the park. Hollywood Boulevard is where you can find more leisurely paced eateries. There's even a Ben and Jerry's ice cream stand in the Super Heroes area of the park.
Operating Season
The park generally opens in late March with weekend operations, expanding the number of days open each week until July. In July and August the park is open every day and by mid-September the park sclaes back to weekend operations until the end of October. The park is open one or two days a week (generally weekends) in November and December.
Established Seasonal events
The park's Halloween event occurs during weekends throughout October and into early-November
Nearby Lodging
Madrid is a big city with many choices, Parque Warner Madrid does have info on discount packages with hotels on their website.
Access & Location
The park is located south of Madrid.

By car:
Take A-4 to Exit 22 and follow the signs for Parque Warner Madrid.

By Bus: go to the Villaverde Bajo transport interchange, and bus no. 412 from "La Veloz” will take you to the park. Remember that schedules are subject to change by the bus company. See all the information on the Madrid Transport Consortium website

Do you have a travel card? Get on the train from any point on the Madrid Cercanias line and get off at the Pinto stop (C-3 line). There you will be able to catch the 413 bus from “La Veloz”, which will leave you at the entrance to Parque Warner. Check out the schedule of the Bus to Parque Warner for each way here, and remember that they are subject to changes on behalf of the bus company.
Virtual Queue Options
The park sells the CORRECAMINOS Pass (Roadrunner Pass) allowing you to bypass the majority of the lines. There are three levels that of service that you can from between.
Gotham City Streetsmosphere is Parque Warner's biggest show, an action-packed extravaganza. Their is a second stunt show built around Police Academy. The park also has a few muscial shows and opportunities for children to interact with characters.
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