Mt. Olympus Theme Park (Big Chief's Karts & Coasters)
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Official Web Site:

Did we mention that this drop has amazing airtime?

Elissa and Justin are in awe of the amazing airtime.

Zeus was a great coaster also, but after Cyclops' airtime hill, nothing could compare!

Here's a look at Zeus from the first drop.

Yay!  We all get our kiddie coaster credit!

Pegasus was a weird kiddie coasters with almost all right turns!

Now for the karts!  You actually got airtime on this one!

Everywhere you look at Big Chief's there's wood!

Dan feels like he's back at home on the L.A. freeways.

Once again...Cyclops....Airtime...AMAZING!

It might not look like a big hill, but just wait!

We quickly learned that when someone pukes at Big Chief's, Justin is who they call to it clean up!

Ejector airtime from another angle.

Robb & Justin fight over the world's largest ice cream cone!

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