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Six Flags Over Georgia
Austell, GA
Official Web Site:

Photos and captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White.

Robert and Sam get ready for the parks 'stand up' woodie, the Georgia Cyclone!

"Yeah, baby, this is the Alvey that I want!"

SFOG is the only park in the country with two different Intamin drop rides!

"Elissa, can you please carry me on Acrophobia?"

We paid our final respects to Viper this year.

At least Dallas got to ride before it was taken out.

Great American Scream Machine was kicking some serious butt that day.
We all thought we'd end up having to pay for band-aids!

Dallas, Elissa, and Derek all have a good time on GASM!

It would appear that not only did Robb attack the coke machine, but he BROKE it also!
That's 100 years bad luck for Robb.

Dallas kept wanting to go on Great American Scream Machine over and over again!

Dallas: "Whheeeeeee!"

Ahh, yes, Deja Vu.  We cannot forget about the Vekoma masterpiece that is SO different from all the others!

This is where the Vekoma midget lives.  Pay $10 and he will tell your future.
Robb: Ok, midget here's my $10.
Midget: I predict you will NOT be riding Deja Vu today!

Apparently Jeff's orange trend got all the way to the Neatherlands

No, this looks nothing like an Invertigo!

It's not just Robb, but everyone looks foolish on SFOG's interactive games!

We all take time out to play "whack-a-Vekoma-midget!"

Dallas couldn't decide if he liked the coasters or the train ride better!

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