Thorpe Park
Surrey, England
Official Web Site:

There are some great views of the coaster from the gift shop. (Be sure to buy your Colossus T-Shirt!)

Colossus might only have a top speed of about 40MPH, but it really kick ass!

Those wacky Brits!

Everyone was surprised by the awesome drop ride, Detonator.

That's the look of "something fresh is in my pants" on Derek's face!  :D

Believe it or not, Wayne and Kev are NOT gay!  =)

Tidal Wave!

Crazy flat rides were everywhere on this trip.

Kev reluctantly tries Listerine Strips for the first time!

The one thing the Americans sure love to do......  :)

"No Derek!  This is NOT an official American football field!"

*sigh* can't get away from the fatty American food!

Get a room you two!

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