Oakwood Leisure Park Photos
Pembrokeshire, Wales
Official Web Site:

Ahh, we make it to Oakwood.  They DO have a coaster and it IS in the country!

Aww...the cute recently engaged couple just outside Oakwood's gates.

"Water's Revenge!"  We love it!  "Grrr....I'm water and I'M GONNA GET YOU!!!"

HA!  Water can't get it's revenge on us now!

Ok, NOW it looks like a pretty intimidating ride!

Water cam survives again!

Tim, didn't your mother ever tell you not to wear white when you're gonna get wet?  =)

Another shot of this awesome Intamin ride!

"OMG!  Water's going to get me!"

Bret flies by the "Sailboat" theming on the bobsled!
(what IS that thing???)

Jeff and Randy consider this a credit...how about you?  =)

Elissa looks hell bent on bumping into Robb.

A trip to any park wouldn't be complete without hitting a kiddie coaster!

Don't worry folks, Bret's camera was being retired after this trip anyways!

Trust me folks, it was all for the good of entertainment! 
(We were making a stop motion movie!)

The British kids are not impressed with Robb's "football" abilities!

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