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Paramount's Carowinds
Charlotte, NC

Official Web Site: 
Photos and Captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

We were really blown away with Top Gun!

It's like a mini-Montu, but in some ways better.

We didn't know this was a dueling coaster!  =)

The batwing element is almost as intense as Montu's!

"This truly is a top ten coaster!"

Did we mention is has elements like Montu?  =)

It does have that 'speed killing' hop over the station, though...

Zero - G roll...A B&M classic!

Now THAT is a Robb sized ice cream cone!

Elissa gets in on the Saturator action!

Hey!  Where's Hypersonic???

Hurler is always a crowd pleaser.

Carowinds may be a corporate park, but it still has a down-home feel to it.

This sure beats the Scooby that we won at Dollywood!  =)

One positive thing about Paramount parks - they have good Intamin drop rides!

It might not be the tallest...

...but it still delivers quite a thrill!

Those that aren't up to the real ride can try this version!

Let's just forget this picture was even taken!

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