Las Vegas Trip 2004!
Photos and Video from our Las Vegas weekend!
Featuring Circus Circus Adventure Dome, Manhattan Express, Desperado, 
Carrabba's, and some fun in the hotels!

Click HERE to download the Manhattan Express video, some of the funniest coaster footage ever taken!
(WARNING! Explicit language in this video!)

Circus Circus Adventuredome Canyon Blaster Roller Coaster
We decided to start the coaster part of the trip over at Circus Circus' Adventuredome.

Robb & Gregg on Canyon Blaster Roller Coaster
Robb & Gregg look pretty happy to go on this Arrow coaster...

Vertical Loop of Canyon Blaster Roller Coaster
..that could be because the last time we rode, it was one of the smoothest Arrow coasters out there.

You will not be allowed on this ride if you are holding a drink!
Only in Vegas do you see this sign posted as the most prominent rule of the ride!

Next up was the um...."Rim Runner" splashdown boat!

Gregg made an attempt to be all 'friendly' with Elissa to share her 'shield'.

But Elissa shares her shield with no one!  (Yes, that's us under the splash somewhere!)

It's a goes 'spinny, spinny, spinny'.  We rode....'nuff said.

Gregg, Kristi, Robb continue the spinning ride tour of Adventuredome.

In one of the gift shops, Gregg finds something that reminds him of his youth....

...yeah...he sure is "special!"  =)

Back to Canyon Blaster...we quickly realized that this coaster is NOT the smooth Arrow it once was.

It has pretty much grown into the typical Arrow ride!

It's time for Gregg with the evil face and "ducky sidekick" to ride the bumper cars.

Elissa flashes back to her childhood (3 years ago) to play some carnival games.

Anyone think that Gregg looks like the principal from Back to the Future here?

Yay!  Gregg slams the chickens over and over, raises his arms, drools and shouts "BUFFETTTT"!
(Remember...he rides the short bus!)

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