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Winter Coaster Solace Weekend 2002

Knott's Berry Farm

Photos and Captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

Knott's hosts the 3rd annual Winter Coaster Solace.

Elissa got to try out her new Valentines Day present this weekend!

Elissa holds on to her date for the reception!

Things between Elissa and the Intamin track heat up....

....and before you know it, fireworks are going off!

Shawn is caught off guard doing his rock star impressions!

Fred and Eric are squished into Ghostrider's train....Enjoy your ride!

Forget, ERT, Elissa is having 'exclusive Intamin time!'

That skyline of Knott's sure is a changin'!

From this shot, Robb almost looks tiny up on Ghostrider's track!!

But as you can see...he's not that small after all!

Robb waves hello from one of the best parts of Ghostrider!

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