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Happy Valley Beijing
Beijing, China
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TPR's 2008 China Trip

I gotta feeling that's not the REAL Lion King!

Elissa would normally buy all her lingerie at the grocery store.

And you didn't think we wouldn't go back to McDonlads did you?


McDonalds also has the "Hold on and Look Up" rule.

"Hey little girl...why don't you sit on my lap and let this old man tell you stories about working in the sausage factory."

"Even I'm enjoying my McDonalds...and yes, please keep that old man away from me!" Tomorrow we fly to Guangzhou. We are hitting some parks in the afternoon, but it may take me an extra day to get the updates done. I hope you are enjoying these so far!

On our way to the park we passed a bus that was going straight to hell.

Yay! Another group photo! They have giant letters that spell out the parks name ala California Adventure.

To pay homage to the Simpsons out front was the Duff Beeramyd.

Ok, so the characters didn't have the actors faces inside hidden....CREEPY!!!!

Kidtums is all "Um, dudes, I can SEE YOU! You're not fooling me!"

Someone should tell Hard Rock Park that THIS is how to theme a Vekoma Mine Train!

Look at it! There is so much rock work and foliage that you can't even see the train!

It's hard to believe that this is the EXACT same ride as Life in the Fast Lane at Hard Rock.

Same thing goes for the B&M Flyer. The pretzel loop is about the only thing you can really see.

The rest of it ducks in and out of the rock work.

I kind of wish Dueling Dragons was built more like this.

It was a lot more like Nemesis or Black Mamba the way it was hidden within the theming.

And it *felt* like you were getting VERY close to some of those rocks!

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